Sorry Barry, Your Invitation’s Not in the Mail

When was the last time you were invited to a dinner party? Not a birthday party or Sunday School Party or graduation party or any other kind of party with an obvious celebratory excuse.

I mean a real, authentic dinner party ,or even a cocktail party (remember those), a party that someone hosts purely for the purpose of inviting friends into their home for fun, food and entertainment. A party with some forethought. A party with genuine-sent-through-the U.S.-mail paper product invitations! A party that you actually RSVP to?

When JT and I were house hunting we knew within 3 minutes of stepping through the door of this home that it was meant for us. Despite the fact that the previous homeowners taste in decor was totally not ours. Despite the roller blade scratches in the polished concrete floors. Despite the fact that one of their dogs actually threw up on the kitchen floor while we were touring the home. (that’s a realtor’s dream right there). No, none of those things deterred us since decor can be changed and floors can be polished (and also wiped up and sprayed with Lysol, thank goodness). We loved the neighborhood, the large lot, the style and layout of the house with it’s great kitchen and tons of custom woodwork, but mostly, we loved the large covered back porch.

We just imagined the great parties we could have on that porch. Parties where friends and family would share food and laughter and beautiful weather. JT would hang long strands of party lights and I would fill the porch with gorgeous plants to make it an inviting place for our guests.

And we did.

But just last fall we decided to become much more intentional about our entertaining. We would have a theme. We’d send invitations in the mail. We’d have beautiful table settings and wonderful food. We would invite an interesting mix of friends.

And we did!

Our first Party on the Porch, last November, was planned specifically to welcome in the glorious coolness of fall. Of course someone forgot to mention this to Texas Weather who decided to try and incinerate us with one last blast of summer heat and humidity precisely on the evening of our party (thanks Texas Weather, you can be a buzzkill sometimes.)

And even though we actually frightened a few friends when we sent real invitations in the mail- “Is someone sick? Are you going to try to get us to buy into a time-share? What’s the catch?” they said.

And even though the dingity dang Texas Weather did its best to kill us all, we enjoyed the party so much that we decided to do similar ones at least two or three times a year.

Our next one is planned for April and I can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed discussing a menu (well, mostly it’s me who’s enjoyed this) deciding on a guest list, compiling a music playlist (will somone please break it to JT that Barry White is not necessary at every party) and just generally dreaming up a theme.

I’m researching appetizers and interesting drinks and desserts- and enjoying every minute.

Anyway it all makes me curious.

Do you entertain? I mean in the non-birthday/holiday party way? Have you received a dinner party invitation in the mail in the last few years? Do people still do this? Have dinner parties and invitations and table settings and place cards and the like almost completely disappeared because we all seem to stay so connected via social media? Has it all become a thing of the past?

I’d love your thoughts – just please, let’s leave Barry White out of it.

Happy Entertaining!


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