What are you Celebrating?

It’s easy to decide on any given day that there’s truly nothing to celebrate at all.

The weather’s gloomy.

The political climate is gloomy.

Everyone seems unhappy with everyone else.

But when it comes right down to it, we get to choose, every single day, whether we’ll celebrate or give into the gloominess. Whether we’ll allow ourselves to get sucked under by the comments, the pictures, the conflict, and the unhappiness. Or, if we’ll make the effort to look around and see all the things (large or small) that we have to be so very grateful for and plan a celebration (large or small) because of those things!

Yesterday, in this house, we celebrated 2 wonderful things with a Skillet Cookie (I used this recipe https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ree-drummond/skillet-cookie-sundae-2407226)

  1. The oven is fixed! The part came in early and the awesome technician said he knew how distraught I was about having no oven, so he worked me into his already packed schedule yesterday afternoon. I may have hugged him.
  2. My sweet husband came home from a fun ski trip with his HS buddies. They go each year on Super Bowl weekend and have such a good time. This time they were in Vail,
Thanks for sharing the picture Herb!

and after 4 long days, I’m not sure who was happier to have him walk in the door, me or Hootie!

These certainly aren’t earth-shattering things to most of you, but they were BIG things around here- JT’s homecoming outranking the oven repair, of course. I bet, if you try, you’ll find some equally BIG things to celebrate yourself.

I challenge you- and you don’t have to cook anything to do it. Plop a scoop of ice cream on an Oreo, add some sprinkles and get to celebrating.

I’d love to here what you decide to “party” about- drop a comment in FB or Instagram and let’s fight back against the gloominess!


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