Chop Chop Slaw

Do you ever need something green super fast to round out a decidedly not-green meal? This slaw requires no other skills but chopping and a keen eye for what to pull out of the fridge to go in it!

We were having a quick lunch of Trader Joe’s Potstickers (oh my goodness, so good) and I was looking for a quick side.

I dug deep in the produce drawer and found bok choy, celery, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli- chopped them all fairly small and poured on some of this versatile stuff!

It’s just the perfect topping for so many things (hello lettuce wraps!) and it worked so well as a dressing for this easy slaw. Just a bit sweet, a bit tangy, and totally perfect.

I added a few sesame sticks (also a Trader Joe fav) and that was that!

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